Our Timeline

Our Beginning

The foundational stone of Lucky Group was laid in the early 1980’s, officially starting as an import and trade house. Then on, Lucky group has never faltered. If it has looked back, it is only to marvel upon the journey the Group has made, to celebrate the milestones we have crossed.

From the start itself Lucky group has been a pioneer. After being one of the first companies to score an import license in the nation, it was one of the first to adopt banking facilities in its import operations, making the process an example of efficiency. Whilst starting as an import and trade house of common household goods and power tools from across the globe, Lucky group has since diversified into many areas.

One of Lucky Group’s first ventures was towards manufacturing. The board members believed in the growth of the nation through development of primary industries. Thus, they established an edible oil production unit following international standards of quality and hygiene under the name of Ganpati Vanaspati Private Limited. In 1999, the group realized the importance of investing in the energy sector to propel the nation towards development. Thus, they opened Lumbini Vidyut Udhyog, which is one of the oldest cable and conductor manufacturing plant in Nepal. While all this was going on, the group under paralleled operations was expanding its trading operations.



Set on its beliefs and with the relentless efforts of the entire work force of the group, Lucky Group today can proudly state that it has established its prominence in the nation. Driven with zeal and enthusiasm the group steadily marches; its vision in sight.

Lucky Group today has diversified into fields unimaginable – from Fast Moving Consumable Goods to Financial Services, Manufacturing Solutions to Telecommunication, and much more. Lucky Group today is a bouquet of various companies under its umbrella spread into all sectors. Propelled via efficient management and swift operations, our distribution network is spread across all corners of the nation. Our workforce comprises of over 2000 employees. With decentralized operations and management, each leader is empowered in their own ways to enable company growth in an organic manner.  The group sincerely believes in strong Ethical business practices which are core to our Day-to-Day business activities.

Fueled by an uncompromising vision to provide quality services, the group today has the ability to shoot brands and companies into the top spectrum in their respective markets. The group’s presence in the market has been phenomenal it shall continue to do so.

Moving Forward

Envisions the group to be an echoing name across all corners of the nation – from the mountains to the terai. Thus it drives itself, into achieving milestones only a few have dared to dream of.

In the immediate future, the group will diversify into Agriculture and Hydropower sector. Whilst it has entered the Real Estate market it aims to change the way Real Estate is perceived in the nation – the pioneer that it is. The important criteria for the group is not limiting itself to personal growth rather the society and the nation as a whole.

In this modern era of globalization where technology is turning the world into a global village, Lucky Group plans to expand into the international market as well. The group is on the lookout to associate with global corporations to synergise and launch projects of National and International importance.

The group is constantly researching into better corporate governance to improve its return to the environment.

With plans to capitalize in the global market, Lucky Group aspires and aims to be amongst the top 5 leading corporate groups in Nepal.