Japanese Falken Tyres launched in Nepal by Raj International Trading

Raj International Trading has launched the famous Japanese brand Falken Tyre in the Nepalese market. Raj international, owned by Lucky Group has announced its availability in the market from Sunday, 15th June onwards.


More explained that their company has launched tyres made in Japan, Indonesia and Thailand till date. He added, ‘we have launched economical and high end tyres for our varied range of customers. We will launch tyres which will be viable for all terrains and territories of the Nepalese market.’

The company has now launched tyres ranging from three thousand nine hundred to nineteen thousand rupees. He also stated that their tyres are of European and American qualities.

More says, ‘We have given more priority to quality rather than the cost of the tyres; we want good feedback from the customer after they purchase our products.’

Falken Tyre

He also mentioned that the models and the seed ratings of the tyre are of high quality. They have imported ne container and their target is to sell at least 12 containers within this financial year. He also mentioned that their main competitor is Bridgestone Tyres.

The company wishes to expand into various areas of Nepal – namely Pokhara, Birgunj, and Biratnagar. The Pokhara branch is scheduled to open in January and so on.


Likewise, Raj International is planning to open five exclusive Falken stores in five different major cities of Nepal like Pokhara, Birjung, Biratnagar and Bhairahawa. They plan to provide customer service and information through their own brand stores.