Ganapati Vanaspati Pvt. Ltd. (GVPL)

Mr. Pawan Kandel  Head – Finance

Mr. Pawan Kandel
Head – Finance

Ganapati Vanaspati Private Limited is a wholly integrated oil refinery plant which boasts a state of the art plant imported from India in technical collaboration with Belgian Companies. Our in-house ultra-modern laboratory oversees quality control during every rung of the refining process. The company has been able to acquire the NS mark of quality in the nation. Our company’s vision is projected by our backward and forward integration into the industry itself.

Joining in May 2000, I enjoy the challenges a work force faces me with. Overseeing all business activities like Finance, Account, Taxation, Administration, I feel proud to work for this group due to its good working environment as well as the forward thinking concept of the promoters. With priorities set upon hygiene and health, and state of the art plants, Ganpati Vanaspati, we assure you is the best choice.

– Mr. Pawan Kandel

Ganpati Vanaspati