Corporate Social Responsibility

A good conscience in corporate values is placed at utmost criteria in all of our group’s endeavours – so much so they are instilled in the vision and mission of each involvement. Special emphasis is laid by our group to give back to the community in a greater than scale to what we have taken.

Our factories and trade houses are built to boost local employment, thus developing the local community. Our primary source of raw materials is from the local market and also in educating them upon ways to increase productivity. Our staffs are repeatedly taught the importance of safety in the workplace and hygiene at personal levels. At Lucky Group we empower an individual focusing on their overall development rather than monotonous task repetitions.

The group focuses extensively on sustainable energy development. Corporate Governance has and will be at core to all our existing and future business ventures to give back to the society and the environment.

An utmost focus of the group is in the development of the nation and its components. Our group has been active in many national calamities providing relief and motivational assurance. Thus, the group while building economic capital builds social capital as well.

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