Asia Meditech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Rishi Raj More

Mr. Rishi Raj More

Asia Meditech Solutions was formed in 2014 as a unique medical expenses claims facilitation company for human injuries arising out of road traffic accidents in Nepal. Duly licensed as an institutional surveyor/assessor and investigator by the Insurance Board of Nepal, Asia Meditech Solutions works on behalf of almost all the leading General Insurance Companies of Nepal. The company has a 24×7 call centre with a toll-free number for recording any injury/death intimation and has capability to send medical assessors to various spots of accident within one hour of intimation of loss. The company regularly sends risk control advice to the Insurers and remains the preferred assessor of the Insurers in this domain having handled cases involving around 600 injuries and more than 100 fatalities already in less than a year.

A Senior Insurance Professional with nearly 3 decades of Global experience in various leadership positions in the Insurance Industry; Mr. Lahiri has held Faculty Positions in various Insurance Institutes in Nepal, India and Mauritius with several publications and media interviews. He was also a member of the National Expert Committee of Insurance formed by the Indian Chamber of Commerce.
– Mr. Rishi Raj More